Fractal Eye - Fractal Image Creation

Fractal Eye - Fractal Image Creation

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Fractal Eye uses your phone's graphics card and complex mathematics to generate intricate high-resolution fractal images!

Fractals are naturally-occurring phenomena that many find to have great intrinsic beauty. There are countless examples of real-world fractals that are found throughout nature -- from trees and riverbeds to coastlines and mountain ranges -- even your own DNA! The first well-studied mathematical fractal - the Mandelbrot Set - was discovered in the 1980's and marked the beginning of an era filled with fractal creation and exploration. Fractal Eye serves to further this pursuit and show by example what a fractal truly is.

* Explore popular fractals like the Mandelbrot Set and Burning Ship!
* Zoom in by a factor of 1,000,000,000,000 (1 trillion) on multiple fractals!
* Create stunning images with intricate detail!
* Make precise changes to fractal shape, texture, color, position, and more!
* Save images directly to your gallery to share or use as wallpapers!

What's new

5 new bookmarks!
2 new palettes!
Logarithmic functions added to the custom shape creator!
'Randomize' feature added to the options menu!
Many bug fixes and improved crash reporting system!


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