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Tabla & Tanpura Player | Swar Taal | Rhythm | Laya

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Swar Taal is a Tabla & Tanpura app that is probably the first of its kind in the world on the Android platform that enables you to carry your own Tabla and Tanpura in your pocket. You can practice and perform anywhere in the world. Its a great help for singers, Instrument Musicians, composers and dancers.

Swar Taal has several features such as playing several mainstream Taals at all 12 swaras (pitches) including a tuner. It can play right from Ati vilambit to ati drut layas.

List of Taals -
Teentaal - 16 beats
Addha - 16 beats
Tilwara - 16 beats
Deepchandi - 14 beats
Jhumra - 14 beats
Ada Chautal - 14 beats
Ektaal - 12 beats
Chautal - 12 beats
Jhaptaal - 10 beats
Keherva - 8 beats
Jat - 8 beats
Bhajani - 8 beats
Rupak - 7 beats
Dadra - 6 beats
C#, D, D#, E, F, F#,G, G#, A, A#, B, C

What sets it apart from the others is that it also has
Intro mode,
End mode and
each taal comes in several variations.

All these can triggered by the user by click of a button. It enables a singer to perform with a virtual live tabalchi and simulates a live performance. It also has an inbuilt Tanpura.

It is also integrated with our another app - Swar Alap for doing Riyaz and Pitch correction-

Key Features -
- Beat Counter-
- Tabla bols are highlighted as the Tabla plays enabling the performer to ascertain where they are in the Bar/Loop/Awartan.
- Several Variations for each Taal
- Control tempo between 10 - 600.
- Control volume.
- Fine pitch tuner
- Chimta/चिमटा
- Tap Tap manually to set your Rhythm
- Adjust latency for Fillers, Chimta, endings - Since there are hundreds of Android Devices
- See your daily/Monthly practice progress
- Tanpura for Ma-Sa, Pa-Sa & Ni-Sa
- Background play/Stay awake mode

Free for 30 days. Thereafter, either pay annual subscription or watch adverts.

What's new

Introducing Styles
Added various taals
Enhanced User Experience
Bug fixes


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