Drum King: Drum Simulator

Drum King: Drum Simulator

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Drum King is a drum simulator that makes you feel like you are playing a real drum. We have done testing on professional drum players to ensure you can enjoy the maximum drum playing experience.

Feel the excitement of playing drums with a very realistic sound. Enjoy the perfect drum simulator without any delay when playing. Play drums anytime and anywhere.

◆◆ No Ads ◆◆

We make sure you can enjoy playing drums without any advertisement interruption. We hate showing advertisements that will only interfere with your game.

◆◆ Adjust the position, size and rotation of the drum ◆◆

We know that everyone has their own style of playing drums. Drum King gives you the freedom to configure the drum to suit your playing style.

You can adjust the drum position, drum size, and drum rotation to your liking.

◆◆ Save and open the drum without limits ◆◆

There are 17 standard drums grouped by music genre. You can also add new drums according to your configuration. Drum King can store unlimited drum configurations, so you can reopen the drum configuration easily.

◆◆ Realistic Sound Intelligent (RSI) ◆◆

There are hundreds of drum sounds that we have recorded so you can enjoy them. All sounds are recorded using professional tools that ensure the clarity of the recording.

Drum King provides many popular drums that are suitable for all music genres. Use the dream drum that suits your playing style. On each drum there are many drum choices, such as: Snare, Tom H, Tom M, Tom L, Tom Floor, Kick, Hi-Hat, Ride, Cymbal, Splash, China.

The sound produced by Drum King is very good and realistic. We created an algorithm called Realistic Sound Intelligent (RSI). This feature makes the drum sound produced very well like using an actual drum.

◆◆ Real Audio Mixer (RAM) ◆◆

You can experiment with new drum sounds using Real Audio Mixer (RAM). Generate millions of unique sound combinations by raising or lowering the pitch of the drum. You can also divide the power of the drum sound on the left or right side of the speaker.

Performing the drum configuration for each drum is very easy thanks to the user friendly interface. Adjust the volume of each drum according to your playing style.

◆◆ Responsive and Multi touch drums ◆◆

We make sure you can play without any delay when playing drums. Multi touch ensures you can maintain the tempo of playing the drum.

◆◆ Drum list ◆◆

List of drums to choose from
- Rock
- Jazz
- metal
- Acoustic
- Rock n Roll
- Indie Rock
- Alternative
- Reggae
- Classical
- blues
- punk
- Punk post
- Hot Club
- Heavy Metal
- Country
- Medieval

◆◆ Best graphics and animations ◆◆

We worked very hard to make Drum King the best drum simulator application on the market. We work with several artists to make drum assets comfortable to play for a long time.

What's new

- Added drum tempo feature
- Add Drum Tempo
- Improved drum image quality
- Improved game performance
- Improved display on Tab
- Fixed mp3 data retrieval failed on some devices
- Minor bugs fixed
- Added some bugs to be fixed in the next version


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