Digital Marketing Specialist Salary – The Secret Millionaires – 2020

Digital Marketing Specialist Salary

The digital marketing specialist salary varies from country to country, being highest in the United States. The average digital marketing specialist salary for the year 2020 is estimated to be $57,473/yr. This average is based on the lowest salary of $37,000/yr to as much high as $87,000. Following is the list of different countries and digital marketing specialist salary (in USD) in those countries. Also, Read How to get rich fast.

  • Europe $82,414/yr
  • China $71,233/yr
  • Canada $67,888/yr
  • Australia $62,900/yr
  • The United States $57,473/yr
  • The United Kingdom $52,768/yr
  • Singapore $51,719/yr
  • The United Arab Emirates $35,980/yr
  • India $12,765/yr
  • Pakistan $6,000/yr
Digital Marketing Specialist Salary

Table of Content

  • Digital Marketing Specialist Definition and Role
  • Digital Marketing Specialist Qualifications and skills
  • Skills required for a good Digital Marketing Specialist Salary
  • Conclusion

Digital Marketing Specialist Definition and Role

Very quickly, the development of search engine algorithms revealed that a website alone was not going to be sufficient on its own. To make themselves known on the Web and target the consumer, strategies have been developed over time, included in what is called digital marketing. The following are the essential Roles of a digital marketing specialist:

  1. Develop, plan, write, and optimize the online media buying campaigns (Adwords, Display, and social media) of our clients.
  2. Perform SEO \ SEM keyword potential analyzes, develop SEO optimization strategies and tactics to maintain and improve our clients’ positioning in major search engines.
  3. Build and execute social strategies, especially on LinkedIn and Facebook.
  4. Ensure the continuous monitoring of the results of the agency’s accounts and in an educational manner in order to explain their performance to clients.
  5. Propose new ideas – identify opportunities for new initiatives to improve the results of our clients and convince them to take the actions proposed by the agency.
  6. Develop strategies, audits, and reports.
  7. Manage certain web projects: newsletters, small sites, etc.
  8. Work with web project managers to offer them strategic support in their projects.
  9. Provide training to clients.
  10. Manage relationships with other third parties, service providers, and our dedicated manager at Google.
  11. Configure Google Analytics and analyze statistics.

Digital Marketing Specialist Qualifications and skills

Different Companies require different skills and qualifications, but some are the basic qualifications and skills that the Digital Marketing Specialist must hold. These are listed below

  • Hold a University’s degree.
  • Master SEO best practices and demonstrate the ability to stay up to date in all facets of digital marketing
  • Master the use of the following technological tools: Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Google Adwords, Bing Webmaster Tools, HootSuite and WordPress
  • Have knowledge of the most popular social platforms, including LinkedIn
  • Have Google Adwords and Analytics certifications (an asset)
  • Basic knowledge of the principles of marketing automation platforms like Hubspot
  • Basic knowledge of solutions like SEO Rank, Moz or GShift or their equivalent
  • Basic knowledge of Photoshop and programming, an asset.

Skills required for good Digital Marketing Specialist Salary

  • Attention to detail and rigor.
  • Creativity.
  • Sense of analysis and good judgment.
  • Ability to organize and optimize time.
  • Sense of initiative and autonomy, flexibility, and adaptability.
  • Team spirit and leadership.


Why do companies use digital marketing or hire a digital marketing agency? Quite simply because a digital strategy offers multiple advantages, applicable to all types of companies, of different size and means. The information obtained on consumers helps you adapt the offer and offer a personalized product or service that meets their needs. Moreover:

Digital Marketing Specialist Salary
  • Digital marketing promotes customer loyalty and satisfaction through a lasting and quality relationship.
  • It also saves cost and budget: affording a website costs less than setting up a physical store.
  • Digital marketing creates a 24/7 availability of your business.
  • The gain in visibility improves your brand image and allows you to reach a wider audience.
  • Digital marketing offers many more facilities and possibilities (for the company, but also for the employees thanks to teleworking).
  • The results on the performance of your company are much more precise than before thanks to the analysis of KPIs.
  • Digital marketing also makes it possible to target new customers, to detect leads, and thus to stand out from the competition thanks to a tailor-made strategy.


Content marketing, “content strategy” in French, is an essential component of digital marketing and especially of inbound marketing.

The content strategy is quite simply the provision of informative, entertaining content with real added value in order to seduce its customers or prospects. White papers, digital magazines, blogs dedicated to the image of the brand: there are many means to nurture a strategy of this type.

Promote conversion in e-commerce : videos, customer reviews, advice on sizes, etc;

Create a support dedicated to the promotion of the brand .

Content marketing must be at the center of your digital marketing strategy

Our content marketing and inbound marketing two opposing strategies or, conversely, closely linked?

Content is the fuel of your inbound marketing strategy, so the two are pretty much linked .

If you are developing an inbound marketing strategy, content is a key component.

Inbound works with relevant content, which results from a solid content strategy: your blog posts, for example, must resonate with each other to offer a precise approach to

your information sector and thus convert your leads .

Content and inbound marketing go hand in hand: published articles need the support of a general inbound campaign to reveal their full potential and achieve optimal reach. Ultimately, an ideal digital marketing strategy would be to use every existing lever.

But for lack of resources and at the risk of scattering, this is not always possible. Focus on the needs of your business, the nature of your prospects (B2B or B2C), the timing imposed on you, your technical and financial means in order to design.


The success of inbound marketing in figures: 

A Hub Spot ROI study published in 2020 proves the growing success of inbound marketing :

– 92.34% of companies say they are increasing their traffic ;

– 92.7% generate more leads;

– 42.2% increase their conversion rate from leads to customers.

Moreover, the Hubspot solution is positioned as the world leader among inbound marketing platforms. Indeed, it is an all-in-one tool that combines the functionalities of CRM, CMS, social publications, etc.


Automated marketing that does everything for you? Not exactly, but almost! This method makes it possible to automate certain tasks, analyze the data collected, and then personalize your communication.

Marketing automation, how does it work? The marketing automation gives the opportunity to study at first the behavior of leads or customers by analyzing their behavior in front of the various options.

Marketing automation analyzes:

  • Web browsing;
  • The reactions linked to the e-mailing: reading time, click-through rate, etc. ;
  • The behavior on social media: engagement, number of likes, shares, comments, etc.

Secondly, it allows you to adapt your inbound marketing strategy according to the statistics generated automatically: to give a concrete example of the results of marketing automation, 80% of leads rejected by salespeople become customers within 24 months.

How is it possible ? Marketing automation acts on several fronts :

  • It refines the scoring ;
  • He adapts storytelling to the lead/client;

Marketing automation software is complementary to an inbound marketing strategy: it takes over where the inbound strategy is less efficient and intensifies the results of your implemented strategy. you can take these companies Za voice, zsg global, QuranIah, repair.

So basically the Digital Marketing Specialist Salary depends on country to country. As you can see the list economy also affect the net income of Digital Marketing Specialist Salary. Pakistan has a poor economy that why the lowest Digital Marketing Specialist salary and vice versa.

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