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How to get infinity free hosting for lifetime

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How to get infinity free hosting for a lifetime with attached proof by my personal method 2018 in this article I am sharing my personal method to get free hosting for a lifetime with attached proof. Many people are facing problems because of more price of hosting so below is the full article with the website to get free hosting for free.

In market 1000 of the company are available which are providing free hosting but the big disadvantage of this company is that you have to use their name in your domain name.

In word press you will get

At web starts you will get

For The weebly you will get

These all domains are too long to remember, not easy to rank in the search engine, and even not sounds good so, read the full article to get a free domain name for a lifetime, only you have to spend 125 INR to get a domain name from go daddy and other domain registrars website. The name of the website is viewen from where you can get free hosting for a lifetime.

The website is amazing and the Facebook rating is 4.9 which is also very good it also provide free other services such as free SSL, free support, free softaculous, unlimited control panels.

How to get infinity free hosting for lifetime procedure

  1. Sign up: when you click on the sign up button a new screen will open and select the area Delhi and click on order now.
  2. Choose a domain: Enter the existing domain name which you have and click on use.
  3. Review and check out: Review your domain which you have chosen and you can see the checkout amount is 0.00 $ USD. Click on the green checkout open in the order summary.
  4. Personal detail and billing information: Enter all the information correctly to get free hosting for lifetime. These checkout sections requires personal information, billing address, additional required information , account security in which you have choose your login password for account and finally payment detail which is 0.00$ USD. Click on the agree button and complete order.

Viewen form

In site content and additional note option you have to fill the detail about your website and why you want to choose to host of viewen below is the content for site content and additional note you can just copy and paste the content.

Site content / Additional note: Hi I am starting a new blog about technology and tricks so that I need a web hosting account my friend Ashish Gola suggested I consume your hosting he gave me a good review of your services I also want your super-fast hosting.

I will be really thankful to you I will follow all your rules and policies in the future I have like your Facebook page also.

  1. Infinity free hosting Order confirmation: After clicking on the complete order option the site will be directed to order conformation site with the order number and thank you messages and finally click on the continue to client area you will be directed to your home page of viewen website now, go-to service option and click on my services you can see your domain is pending for approval.
  2. My product and services: In my product and service section you can see your pending domain for approval with a price.
  3. Get approval fast: To get approval fast now click on the open ticket and click on a new account and enter all the details correctly and in message section paste the site content/additional note matter present in the article, upload the like screenshot image of the Facebook of viewen Facebook page and click on submit.
  4. Ticket created: Support ticket has been created and the pending domain will be approved within 12hrs to 24 hrs and the viewen website may require additional information about the domain which you have to provide so please add the domain name which is yours.

Information for viewen

So above is the article with attached images from where you can get free domain hosting for your website for life time. If you need any additional information you can comment below in the comment section.

  1. APPROVAL OF DOMAIN: when you confirm the submission viewen website will ask some additional information via email or in support ticket of viewen website you have to reply with all the requirement what they are asking for after submitting the requirement viewen website will approve your domain within 6 hours below the attached proof and they will send the user name and password of your Cpanel and now you can enjoy the lifetime free hosting. Below is the attached Proof.
  2. EMAIL PROOF: below is the attached image of email in which viewen has given all the details to get login into hosting server you can also see attached proof of youtube videos for how to install word press and how to login to the server of infinity free hosting.

The Verdict

By following the above article and all the steps you will get free hosting for your domain for a lifetime at zero cost. before I was using hosting of Godaddy hosting I am paying 3000 per year and by using viewen I am saving 3000 INR per month for lifetime. Read the above article 2 to 3 times about ‘Getting lifetime free hosting for your website by my personal method with attached proof ‘.I will be happier if you share these article in your social media about ” How to get infinity free hosting for a lifetime with attached proof by my personal method.

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How to make money on amazon associates with zero investment


What is Amazon’s affiliate marketing? How to make money on amazon associates with zero investment? In amazon, many products are available if you sale any product from amazon then you will get some percentage of that sale these is amazon affiliate marketing.

amazon associates

By using Facebook account: In the Facebook method, you have to do a post of affiliate products systematically on the amazon Facebook pages of Facebook below are the steps to follow:

Simple Steps to make money on amazon associates with zero investment

  1. Make an amazon affiliate account on the Amazon website and verify your account by amazon by entering all the details related to the website and remember after verification only you can change the country you want.
  2. Log in to a Facebook account and join all the pages related to amazon sales.
  3. Login to amazon account and select country as the USA because the selling of affiliate product in the USA is better than in India
  4. Click on the 12 days of deal or Today’s best deal and select offer you can see the offer form 10% to 50 % of discount, select the brands with minimum 40 % off because it will increase the chance of purchase.
  5. Copy the product name and search on the amazon affiliates, copy the short link of the product.
  6. Take the 3 to 4 screenshot of the product or download the good image of the product.
  7. Post the image on the amazon group on Facebook.
Fashion Photographer Fashion Photographer

Post Styling

Post matter: Hurry 48 % off limited offer on KAMTRON Wireless Security Camera, if you are interested please feel free to contact me if they reply or contact then replies them with.

Marketing agency in Hyderabad Marketing agency in Hyderabad

Dear sir / mam,

Here is your @ 67 $ (48% OFF other day price @ 129.99 $ No coupon needed link”>

By doing these you can earn a minimum 500 INR TO 1000 INR per day with zero investment for lifetime same trick you can apply with other affiliate websites.

What’s app method: Make a what’s app group with an attractive name such as amazon daily deals add all your friends message them not to text in these group otherwise they will be automatically removed and you will not be able to enjoy the offer and deals on amazon .you will be the admin of the group go to amazon account share the link on what’s app group link as @48% off MRP 129.99 $ discount 67 $. If they feel the offer is good they will purchase and you will earn money.


Facebook Groups

Similarly, you can make a Facebook group also and slowly – slowly the member will increase in the group if you post regularly and you will earn good above is the full step by step method of ‘How to earn money on amazon with no investment with attached proof 2018’ by following the method correctly you can more than 1000$ a day but it depends upon your level of promotion you are doing and your hard follow the above steps on “ How to make money on amazon associates with zero investment”.

Valuable Business Tips for success to Explode Your Business

Business Tips for success Business Tips for success

Business Tips for success focus on the following different points:

Automation Technology:

NO 1 on the Business Tips for success is to make an automated system that will make your subscribers feel that you have taken the time out of your day to send them a thank you or to survey them about the services that you offered them. Your message should be personal in nature and let them know that you care about them and their needs. You want that customer to know that you are working with them. A business owner’s biggest error is not having contact information on hand for their subscribers.   A good autoresponder can take orders from your web site, send out follow up letters to subscribers, automate digital delivery of information, track the visitors and sales, follow up with prospects, and take subscriptions to your list or newsletter.

Business Tips for success

Blogs – Not Just a Journal:

Blogs today are not just for the ramblings of teenagers anymore.   They enable you to develop and strengthen subscriber relationships as well as improve your website’s search engine standings. Create a blog that’s professional-looking yet informal.WordPress blogs were invented to be more of a conversation with your subscriber and should be written as such without being condescending in nature. Be sure to create a navigational tool for your WordPress blog that makes it possible to search your WordPress blog by keyword or topic. So it is a point no 2 on Business Tips for success.


Business Tips for success also include your branding. Your brand is your identity in the corporate world.   First, take a look at the clients you have and the clients you want to have. How do they talk? What are they concerned about? If you do not take the time to get to know your subscribers you will not be able to effectively market them. For example, if you are focusing on senior citizens, make sure that your website is done with a larger font that will be easier for them to read. Yes, even the font you choose for your site is part of your “brand”. Reflect your brand in everything you do; from your website design to your marketing, to the sale of your service. Stay consistent and your brand will become readily recognized which will gain your subscriber’s trust.

Goal Setting:

Believe it or not, setting goals is also an effective way of growing your business. Without measurable goals, how will you know if you are making any progress? What do you want to accomplish with your business in the next ninety days, six months, one year and ten years? Prioritize your goals and develop a strategy to measure the incremental milestones along the way. Make sure that your goals are practical and achievable otherwise you will never be able to make a strong commitment towards them.

These are just a handful of unique marketing ideas to help you promote your business. Choose those that employment for you then you’ll begin integrating more great marketing avenues. Also, Read How to earn Fame through business.

Building Strong Brand Equity in a Weak Economy

brand equity

Building Strong Brand Equity in a Weak Economy. As an entrepreneur, I try to be upbeat and optimistic, but let’s face it… It is UGLY out there!    As the worldwide economic roller coaster ride continues, consumer confidence continues to decline. That means our customers and prospects – the folks who (we hope) buy products or services from you and me – are getting a whole lot more cautious and conservative about how they spend their hard-earned and quickly disappearing cash!

Consumers are freaked-out, confused, uncertain – perhaps even panicked.    That’s why it’s more important than ever to have a breakthrough brand! If you’ve got a strong, well-defined brand identity, you have a much better chance of not only surviving but thriving, in a down economy.

In uncertain, tumultuous times, people stick with what they know.    More than ever, consumers want to buy from a “brand” name. Someone they know, like and trust. one they can count on. Some-one who stands for something.   

A personal brand is a foundation of building the trust and credibility that consumer demands. It’s your connection to your customer. It’s much more than a slogan or a tagline – it’s your promise. Deliver consistently on that promise and you’re on your way to developing strong brand equity.

 Memorable and remarkable. Your personal brand must be authentic and relevant. It has to “speak” directly to your target market. Most of all, your brand has to be true to you.

Brand Equity, brand, branding

   You can compete with the big guys and level the playing field with a little creativity and some simple Web 2.0 technology. In fact, with the tools and resources of the Internet at your fingertips, there’s never been a better time to build your personal brand…

How to develop a strong personal brand equity identity

While the Internet has made it a whole lot simpler for us so-called “little guys” to compete, that doesn’t get you off the hook for creating the basic, standard credibility-builders. These are all the pieces that make up the framework of your brand: Your name; your logo; business cards; website; e-mail signature; ur photo; and your tag line. These are all part of the branding process, but they are not your brand equity.

Your brand is who you are, who you serve, what you do, and what you stand for. Everything else must fit into that structure. Don’t get hung up on your slogan or your logo. Unless your logo has achieved icon status like Nike or Apple, no one is ever going to buy anything based on just a logo. Consumers are much more likely to part with their money if they understand who you are and what you stand for. As Michael Port, author of “Book Yourself Solid,” says, “People buy based on that price.” If your customers share your values ​​and your worldview, you are on your way to the blissful state of brand loyalty.

In order to develop a strong personal brand identity, you have to first decide how YOU want to be known in your market. If you don’t proactively and intentionally create your own brand, someone else will do it for you – and that is never a good thing! You want to control your own destiny, right? So, what do you want to go? What kind of picture do you want to paint? Advertising types would call this your “unique selling proposition.” It’s how you differentiate yourself from everyone else and stand out from the competition and brand equity.

Brand Equity, brand, branding

Again, borrowing the language of the Book Yourself Solid system, “a personal brand will help clearly and consistently define, express, and communicate who you are, whom you serve, and why   You have chosen to dedicate your life and work to your target market. “

As a Book Yourself Solid Certified Coach, I use Michael Port’s proven and powerful method for helping solo professionals develop their personal brand. That process has two components: Your “who and do what” statement and your “why you do it” statement. As Michael points out: “Successful people find their style, build a brand based on it, and boldly express themselves through that brand. It’s powerful and it makes you memorable.”

Your “Who and Do What” Statement

Developing your “Who and Do What” statement will clearly define who you help and what you help them do. The “who” is your target market’ and the “what” is the primary benefit they get from you. One way to create your phrase is to start with “I help (who) do (what).” For example, my who and do what is: “I help first-time entrepreneurs build their brands so that they can get booked solid.”

Your “Why You Do It” Statement

It’s what you stand for. Why you get out of bed every morning. It is personal – and it’s vitally important because it is how your ideal clients will “connect” with you. Those who resonate with your “why” will be attracted to you and inclined to work with you. That’s the power of your why, so it should not be taken lightly! My why I do it is because “I stand for your brand!” In other words, I help solo professionals and newbies take charge of their own destinies. (Amazing what a strong brand can do for you!)

How to use Web 2.0 tools to build your personal brand equity

Once you’ve got your Who and Do What and Why You Do It statements, you’re ready to further expand and promote your brand. Obviously, there are dozens of ways to promote your brand, but the quickest, easiest, and least expensive is online. Because the Internet has leveled the playing field and made it possible for solo professionals to play with the big boys, I like to focus on using Web 2.0 tools and technologies to extend our brand equity and brands.

When I refer to the much-ballyhooed and often-misunderstood world of Web 2.0, I’m really talking about interactive and creative uses of web technology such as online video and social media. In fact, these tools are not even as technical as you might imagine. Best of all, online video and social media are fast, powerful, and (mostly) free. Resources like YouTube, UStream, Facebook, and Twitter can potentially turn you into a brand name almost overnight.

Online Video

Video is an extremely powerful marketing and branding weapon, because video creates a personal connection. The intimate nature of video allows people to see and hear you, providing you with an opportunity to develop your online personality and become more familiar with your potential clients. As you create and deliver your content via video, you are increasing your trust and credibility, as well. This becomes even more important in a challenging economy, as consumers strongly to prefer to do business with people they know, like and trust.

Online video is an excellent brand equity and branding tool, allowing you to expand your presence and broadcast to a worldwide audience, 24/7. Be sure to sign up for a free account at, if you haven’t already! Once you put your video on the web by uploading it to YouTube or Blip it can be shared on your own website or blog, or on your Facebook page. Make your video clever enough to be passed on, and there’s no limit to the exposure you can enjoy. Another benefit: Video improves your search engine rankings!

Other free ways to use online video to build and expand your personal brand include using distribution sites such as TubeMogul to “blast” your video to several video hosting sites at once, or creating your own live, streaming web TV show using 

Social Media

Aside from the magic of video, social networking sites like Facebook and micro-blogging platforms such as Twitter and make extending your brand fast and easy – maybe too easy. One cautionary note: Just because you can set up a Facebook profile in minutes, doesn’t mean you should jump into social networking willy-nilly. Remember, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn and the like are all part of your public face to the world. Be sure that your presence on these sites is well thought out and in line with the brand equity you are building.

That being said, social networking can be an amazing strategy for increasing your online presence. Facebook and Twitter, my personal favorites, can help you become better known quickly and efficiently. Facebook helps you connect with like-minded individuals, join groups, share updates and stay current, while Twitter allows you to stay in touch with your connections by way of brief (140 characters or less) updates throughout the day. These online communities are yet another venue for you to shine, share and shape your brand equity.

You can add value to these communities – and build your social currency – by sharing relevant news, information, tips, links or contacts. However, blatant pitching and hawking your wares is generally frowned upon. Once you’ve built some credibility and goodwill, then you can invite people to your teleseminars or promote your products – just use your discretion and don’t be obnoxious!

Does your personal brand meet the Six C’s?

When you’ve created your Who and Do What and Why You Do It statements and started to further develop your brand using Web 2.0 resources like online video and social media, you’ll be well on your way to having a solid, breakthrough brand. No matter what the economy throws at you, you’ll be well-positioned to weather the storm. But just to be sure, let’s put your brand to the test. Does your personal brand meet the six C’s of branding? Before you re-launch your website or order new business cards touting your brand, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Does your brand reflect your CORE values?
  2. Does your brand CONNECT with your target market?
  3. Is your branding CONSISTENT in all areas?
  4. Is your brand CLEAR and not confusing?
  5. Will your brand CAPTIVATE your customers?
  6. Is your brand COMPELLING enough to move your customers?

These six C’s will help ensure that your personal brand equity is unique, memorable, and authentic. That’s the kind of distinction you need to become your target market’s “go-to” source in good times and bad. Also, read Adsence Fame.

Freelancing Taxes and Insurance Tips


Freelancers are often lumped together, equated or confused with other terms. Such misunderstandings are due to the similarities between the terms and meanings, but a clear separation and definition is important and meaningful. Because who really is a freelancer is clearly regulated by the law. If the status of freelancer applies to you, this brings some special features and advantages. We provide information on what you need to know about freelancers, what the law says and what differences need to be considered …

Definition: what is a freelancer?

There is often confusion and misunderstanding about who is actually a freelancer by definition. The law clearly and conclusively stipulates which professions and activities count as freelancers. That means: The list thus gives a precise overview of freelancers and related jobs

This overview of freelancers can be found in Section 18 of the Income Tax Act . The liberal professions include the so-called catalog professions, which are:






Patent attorneys




Commercial chemist


tax consultant

Advising economists and business economists

Sworn accountant

Tax representative

Alternative practitioner




Image rapporteur




An important addition to this list of individual jobs for freelancers can also be found in the law. The first paragraph states: Freelance work includes self-employed scientific, artistic, literary, teaching or educational work …

Lecturers, educators, midwives, teachers (e.g. music or dance teachers), speech therapists, child minders and social workers can also be freelancers. You are performing one of the above-mentioned scientific, artistic, literary, teaching or educational activities, or you are practicing a profession that serves to alleviate or heal people.

In addition, the income tax for freelancers specifies:

A member of a liberal profession within the meaning of sentences 1 and 2 is also self-employed if he uses the help of technically trained workers; The prerequisite is that, based on his own specialist knowledge, he is responsible and responsible. Representation in the event of temporary prevention does not prevent the assumption of a managerial and self-responsible activity.

Glossary: ​​freelancer, freelancer or freelancer?

Terms are often used interchangeably with the terms freelancer, freelancer or simply self-employed. However, this is not correct, because the actual meanings are sometimes very different. For a better understanding and to clarify the most common misunderstandings, we have therefore created a short glossary to better separate freelancers, freelancers and the self-employed or traders.


Freelancer is the English term for freelancer . Such freelancers are used particularly often in the IT industry, but they can also often be found in the media industry and advertising. It is crucial for freelancers that they are independent service providers. You can offer your skills to any company, prospect or client.

Freelancers are not integrated into the company and are not bound by instructions. As a rule, you can decide yourself about the time and place of work. They do not receive a fixed salary for their work, but are paid hourly or as a lump sum. Instead of an agreed salary, they work on a fee basis .

Income and sales tax are still exempt from this, and the freelancer must also take care of health insurance and retirement provision independently. This is how freelancers are referred to as permanent employees .

However, that alone does not say anything about whether you are engaged in a commercial or freelance activity. In other words, freelancers can be freelancers if they work in the catalog professions listed above, but not every freelancer is automatically a freelancer.


Traders are expressly not freelancers . Rather, they have to register a business and are self-employed in it. For example, if you plan to make products yourself and sell them in an online shop, you have to register a business. In such a case, you are not a freelancer, but a trader.

Traders are therefore self-employed, who do not perform any of the listed freelance activities.


Self-employment is first and foremost a generic term that is easy to explain: anyone who is not employed by an employee or apprenticeship is initially self-employed.

Freelancers, traders and freelancers are therefore generally considered to be self-employed.


For completeness, the freelancers themselves should also be mentioned here. As already defined in more detail above, these are members of the so-called liberal professions (also catalog professions ), which are laid down in Section 18 of the Income Tax Act.

Sometimes the boundaries between the terms are not always easy to see. In case of doubt, the tax office therefore decides whether a self-employed person will ultimately be classified as a freelancer, freelancer or trader.


Taxes: This applies to freelancers

The importance of differentiating between freelancers and traders can be seen at the latest when looking at the tax implications. Freelancers do not have to register a trade, they just have to register the activity with the tax office. There you will receive a tax number which you can use for your bills.

This also means: As a freelancer, you are not subject to trade regulations and therefore do not have to pay trade tax. For freelancers, only the usual income and sales taxes apply.

The sales tax is currently 19 percent of the amount invoiced. The reduced sales tax of seven percent can be used by some freelancers, especially writers, journalists or illustrators. Because books, newspapers, brochures, also coloring and picture books are subject to the reduced rate.

In principle, medical services are even exempt from VAT . Freelancers such as doctors, dentists, physiotherapists or alternative practitioners therefore pay no sales tax at all.

But be careful: Cosmetic operations, in turn, are fully subject to VAT. This category includes procedures in which fat is suctioned off, botox injected or a tattoo removed. Doctors are increasingly offering so-called hedgehog services. The abbreviation stands for “individual health care”, to which sales tax may also be due.

Freelancers subject to VAT, whose sales are unlikely to exceed EUR 50,000 in the current calendar year and which did not exceed EUR 17,500 last year, can be exempt from VAT . Then they fall under the small business regulation .

You then do not have to submit a VAT pre-registration or an annual VAT return to the tax office. Important: The invoice must indicate that you are exempt from VAT.

In return, however, there is no possibility of deducting input tax . And: The decision binds a freelancer for five years, so it should be carefully considered in advance.

Insurance for freelancers

Special rules apply to freelancers not only for taxes, but also for insurance. Since freelancers are not employed by an employer, they have to take care of certain insurance policies that are otherwise deducted directly from their salaries through social security contributions. The main insurance policies that freelancers have to take care of are …

Health insurance

In contrast to employees, freelancers assume the costs of their health insurance entirely themselves . You can choose between statutory and private health insurance.

A careful comparison of costs and services is advisable here before you decide. Freelancers from artistic professions insure themselves through the artists’ social security fund and receive state subsidies.

care insurance

You can often receive long-term care insurance at the same time, often in combination with health insurance. It is a compulsory insurance , not only for employees, but also for freelancers.

Pension insurance

The self-employed and freelancers are generally not subject to the pension insurance obligation . But there are exceptions: For example, freelancers from “socially vulnerable professions” are very likely to be subject to pension insurance, for example educators and midwives.

Freelancers from chamber professions (such as doctors, architects and lawyers) usually pay their pension insurance contribution through the respective professional pension scheme . You can, however, request exemption. The artists’ social fund in turn subsidizes the statutory pension insurance of its members.

unemployment insurance

Freelancers can register as unemployed if their weekly working hours are less than 15 hours . Then they are entitled to unemployment benefit as employees – provided they have paid unemployment insurance for twelve months.

Freelancer: advantages and disadvantages

There are some advantages to being a freelancer, but on the other hand, there are also negative aspects to consider. We have created a small overview of the advantages and disadvantages as a freelancer :

The biggest advantages for freelancers are:

These are the advantages of freelancers


As a freelancer, you are not employed by a company, even if you work for a company as a freelancer. You therefore enjoy greater freedom than with a permanent position. In addition, you can in principle freely choose your clients, customers and cooperation partners.


As a freelancer you have to register with the tax office, but otherwise you do not need to register with the trade office. Starting a freelance job is quick, easy and comparatively unbureaucratic.


Another advantage for freelancers is that they do not have to do double-entry bookkeeping or draw up balance sheets. It is enough if you make a simple income excess calculation (EÜR).

The main disadvantages for freelancers are:

These are the disadvantages of freelancers


You undoubtedly carry a higher risk than an employee. If an important client breaks away, this can immediately threaten their existence. It is therefore advisable to spread the risk. Freelancers are also initially liable with their private assets, which can mean a great financial risk.

Work-life balance

This point should actually be on the plus side. The truth is that freelancers often work longer hours than employees, have no fixed closing time and are under constant current. The greater freedoms also require more discipline and clear structures.

retirement provision

Freelancers are responsible for their own retirement provision – unless they are covered by professional chambers. If you do not take care of it in time or do enough for your own pension provision, you may get into trouble later. Without the necessary precautions, poverty in old age threatens .

Freelance work in Germany Case Study

Around 1.4 million people work as freelancers in Germany . The Federal Association of Liberal Professions (BFB) comes up with these figures. The number has doubled since 1999. The number of freelancers exceeded the million mark for the first time in 2008 and has continued to grow since then.

Computer scientists and engineers in particular are working more and more freelance, their annual growth has recently been four percent. It was 2.8 percent among all freelancers.

There were so many self-employed in the professions last year:

Freelance health professionals

Doctors: 117,472

Dentists: 51.058

Psychotherapists: 31,565

Physiotherapists: 44,923

Veterinarians: 12.010

Pharmacist: 15,476

Other health professionals: 148,590

Legal, business and tax consultancy professions

Lawyers: 125,301

Patent attorneys: 3,849

Notaries only: 1,714

Tax advisor / tax representative: 60,531

Auditor / sworn accountant: 8,798

Management consultant: 48.163

Other legal, economic and tax consultancy professions: 150,580

Technical and scientific professions

Architects: 56,670

Consulting engineers: 15,625

Other freelance engineers: 75,500

Experts: 21,300

Other technical and scientific professions: 110,700


Liberal cultural professions: 332.014