Best way to save WhatsApp messages without taking a screenshot

65 billion messages were sent on Facebook’s proprietary application Whatsapp every day until last year.

Whatsapp users usually resort to a screen shot to secure the chat you have and the chat in groups. However screen shot is not the only way to save messages.

Whatsapp messages can also be protected from another feature-starred message from Whatsapp.

This feature to save Whatsapp massages is available in Android, IPhone and Windows smart phones.

To save messages from this feature in Android phone

  • open whatsapp.
  • open the chat you have to save.
  • tap and hold the message you want to save.           

Tap on the top star icon on the screen to select the message.

IPhone users to save the Whatsapp message.

  • Open whatsapp
  • Tap on chat where you want to save Whatsapp massages.
  • tap and hold after selecting the message.
  • Tap the star icon that appears at the top of the screen.

 Android users to view saved messages

  • Open whatsapp
  • Tap three dots to the top right on the screen.
  • Tap starred messages from the displayed menu.

 IPhone users to see saved messages

  • Open the chat, which contains starred Whatsapp messages
  • Then tap chat name
  • Tap starred messages to see saved messages later.

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