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Become sideprenur

Independence is a great attraction for a number of employees: finally doing what you like, not having to take instructions, being your own boss. Wouldn’t be the entrepreneurial risk … If you work as a sidepreneur, on the other hand, you don’t have to be afraid to stand on the street in the event of failure. You simply pursue your previous professional activity and become self-employed on the side. What special features this requires and how it can work
Definition: what is a sidepreneur?
The word sidepreneur comes from the English of side , in German side or laterally and entrepreneur , originally from French, in German entrepreneur .

Nevertheless, it is an Anglicism , since in the Anglo-American language area one speaks more of Side Hustler , the activity is analogously a Side Hustle .

As a side business owners , part-time entrepreneur, a Sidepreneur is a full-time job after and besides working on his independence . He thus has the advantage of a secure income as an employee and, on the other hand, tries out entrepreneurially in a professional field.

Even if it is the same industry, sidepreneurship brings with it a multitude of new activities and responsibilities. What is done and decided by the supervisor in the main job must be taken over in the side job. This means that the sidepreneur not only has technical, but also organizational and administrative tasks .

At the same time, the sidepreneurship enables you to experiment at your own pace in the targeted area and to build a business.

Challenges in a sidepreneurship
A sidepreneur is completely convinced and penetrated by one thing, he loves to deal with the subject. This can be observed quite often in people who have turned their hobby into a profession . For them, dealing with the matter doesn’t feel like work – at least not at first.

They pursue their favorite activity in their free time , voluntarily read the latest books, and continue their education. Until the whole thing starts to grow. This is also one of the fundamental differences between sidepreneurship and normal self-employment:

In many cases a sidepreneur is also a solopreneur ; he is often self-employed, has no employees and is responsible for all tasks.

With increasing success, he can become a self-employed person who at some point hires employees and outsources various areas of responsibility . As a result, little by little a position as a manager . And here is the curse and blessing of the sidepreneurship equally.

Anyone who becomes a sidepreneur so that they can concentrate on their hobby and make a living should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages .

Advantages and disadvantages as a sidepreneur
Some aspects have already been touched upon. Here is an overview of the advantages and disadvantages :

Advantages of sidepreneur

You deal with the matter that suits you. That increases satisfaction .
Her main job bears all necessary expenses for rent and living expenses. You run a small business risk, even if you fail, you can try again.
You can freely allocate your time, set tasks at certain times. If your business throws money away, you can do your main job part-time .
You can implement your idea as you see fit, try things out and see how they develop.
You gain new insights, which you may also be able to apply well in your main job.
You are covered twice if you lose your main job .
Disadvantages sidepreneur

Your leisure time is dominated by sidepreneurship and everything related to it. This applies equally to the end of the working day and the weekend.
You will need to shut down your social contacts. Friendships and relationships often suffer as a result.
Between envy and workaholism
It is clear that sidepreneurs do not have a normal 9-to-5 job . While others are already chilling on the sofa or partying, the sidepreneur is digging through his project. That sounds relaxed, like overtime and little recovery.

From the perspective of family, friends and colleagues, a sidepreneur often looks like a workaholic . While they are happy when they have packed the 40-hour week, the sidepreneur is easily involved for 50 to 60 hours .

And still looks quite satisfied. Therefore, outsiders sometimes react with incomprehension when someone becomes self-employed on the side. Admiration, but also envy are possible reactions when a sidepreneur raves about his projects . Many have the desire for self-determined work. And of course the prospect of more money is also appealing.

In other words: everyone wants success. It is forgotten that it does not happen by accident. To put it bluntly, everyone wants success in their sleep – but that’s not how it works. Overtime and dedication are essential components of success and have nothing to do with workaholism.

Rather, the priorities and hobbies are different: While others hang out in front of the television, sidepreneurs prefer to read specialist literature on an interesting aspect of their independence. You wouldn’t be able to relax in front of the TV or do any other activity, because the head is buzzing with so many unrealized projects that have to be put in an orderly fashion.

Sidepreneurs are doers , envy tend to be hesitant. They may be annoyed about their own inaction, but can not overcome the inner bastard.


How can you become a sidepreneur?
Ideas for self-employment from home seem to be primarily a matter for millennials. The generation of workers who no longer want to make (lazy) compromises . Security – yes. But if the main job does not allow you to realize your own ideas, then you will be self-employed.

This is favored by digitization. It has never been so easy to start your own online business , for example . The advantage: You need a warehouse for real, physical products such as food supplements.

On the other hand, if you offer digital products such as e-books or online courses, such tasks and expenses are usually eliminated. In theory, anyone can become self-employed in the secondary trade. In fact, you need certain characteristics and skills:

You have a vision
Like every self-employed person, you need a brilliant idea, something that is urgently needed in the market and in which you are really good. This doesn’t have to be something completely new (even if it doesn’t hurt), but you may offer it in better quality or on special terms that are so rare to find. It is important that you do not just squint at the money – building a sidepreneurship just because the money is supposed to be fetched somewhere can quickly backfire. Self-employment also entails activities that are not perceived as exciting and still have to be done.

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You have perseverance
It is also clear that those who set up their own businesses as part-time jobs need staying power. Even if you are still full of enthusiasm after your main job: The day still has only 24 hours and less of those are available to you than if you founded a start-up full-time.

It can happen that you have to work overtime at the employer, that you still need further training for your own business in order to acquire the necessary knowledge, and so on. In other words, you are stuck with other things that you might want to do instead, there are delays.

As a sidepreneur you have to be able to deal with such situations and frustration, your own business can also stagnate or develop more slowly than hoped. Sidepreneurship is operated on the side, but it’s not a small thing.

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You can motivate yourself
Staying on the ball for a longer period of time, coping with frustration and setbacks means having a high level of self-motivation. A customer jumped off? Does the software not deliver what it promises, your own website needs to be revised urgently? If things don’t go smoothly, it doesn’t just take time, it takes strength. It can almost only be achieved with intrinsic motivation. Because it often takes a long time until the business pays for itself and is financially lucrative. Here it is still important to stay on the ball, to keep to your own specifications.

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You have good time management
Building your own business on the side requires good time and self-management . There will inevitably be less time for partners and social contacts, but you cannot and should not reduce this to zero. This means that there is a tight organization of which appointments and activities are done at what time. This leaves little room for spontaneity, but you have to die any death and you only have the luxury of somewhat relaxed planning with a full-time self-employment. But then the full risk.

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You know your strengths and weaknesses
Another elementary point: you should know your strengths and weaknesses. If you have not given any thought to this so far, it is time for honest analysis. What if, for example, you have a brilliant idea but are really bad at self-marketing? It’s not about 100 percent perfection. But knowing your own weaknesses can prevent you from failing prematurely. This is how you can work on it or at least ensure that the strengths are so strong that weaknesses are ironed out. Read about pet care and earn through pet care.

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