Apple announced iPhone12 Pro & 12 mini are reliable with OLED displays 5G

Apple announced iPhone12 & 12 mini are reliable with OLED displays 5G
Apple introduced iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini at an event. In both of them apple has introduced some features which are specific for premium users.

 Apple iPhone 12

iPhone 12 (Apple iPhone 12) has replaced the previous model’s IPS LCD display with a super xdro led display. The size of this phone is 6.1 inches and its resolution is much better than before – 2532×1170 pixels (460 pixels per inch).
The display of this phone can also be as bright as the pro model, as much as 1200 nits. The standard refresh rate of its screen is 60 hz and it has the same as before. To protect the display of this phone, Apple has made a ceramic shield with a guerrilla glassmaking company.
Company says drop performance of ceramic shield is 4 times better and is tougher than any smartphone glass.
Apple has added mm wave support to this phone in the USA, but on a large basis it includes sub-6ghz 5g support.
Apple has checked the phone’s speed at 100 carriers. The company says that in a controlled environment, this phone can provide up to 3.5 GBPS and in the best case, the download speed of up to 4 GBPS.
IPhone 12 is 11 percent thin, 16 percent light and 15 percent small in volume. IPhone 12 is also presented in many colors. New colors include blue, green, product red, white and black.
Apple’s a14 bionic chipset has been added to iPhone 12 as expected. It has 6 Core (two power full and four efi shent covers) CPU and quad core GPU.
The total transistors placed on it is 11.8 billion. A14 bionic is 50 percent faster than any other smart phone chipset.
 A14 bionic provides 80 percent faster machine learning than previous a13 bionic. According to the report, it supports 11 trillion operations in a second. It also accelerates camera operation from face unlock.

IPhone 12 Functions

IPhone 12 has a new wide camera with bright f/1.6 aperture. It captures 27% extra light. It also has an ultraviolet camera. Apple’s new smart HDR feature with better white balance and texture.
Both the rear and selfie camera of this phone can now make pictures in night mode. According to the expectation, Apple has removed the earbuds and charger from the phone box.
Company says this is done to control carbon. Apple has added magsafe to this phone. This is a MacBook charging connector.
The qi wireless charger of this phone will now charge it at 15 watts instead of 7.5 watts. If customers buy a wired adapter, it can charge the phone at 20 watts.
 Pre-orders of iPhone 12 will start from October 16 while delivery will start from October 23. The price of this phone starts at $799.

Apple iphone 12 mini

iPhone 12 mini (Apple iPhone 12 mini) size is 5.4 inches and resolution 2340×1080 pixel super XDR. This phone’s display is also lit 1200nits.
Many features of iPhone 12 mini are similar to chipsets, camera systems, wireless charging, IP 68 ratings and color options iPhone 12.
This Phone has presented iPhone 12 and 12 mini with 64gb, 128gb and 256gb storage options. It’s available in  green, blue, black,  product red and white colors. Sale of iPhone 12 mini will start from November 6 while delivery will start from November 13.
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