9 Tips to become Rich Fast


Get rich: 9 tips that millionaires already know

How do you get rich? A question that countless people are looking for an answer to. Money fascinates and money promises a lot. Whoever is supposed to describe a perfect life almost always names wealth as a decisive factor. Get rich is for many a life goal, a motivation to reinzuhängen to give everything and to endure all the stress. One day, all of this should pay off and show on the account. But how can such a big goal be achieved when reality shows again and again that very few get rich? If it were easy, everyone would eventually get rich, make millions, and enjoy life on a sunny island. Such a dream can be a nice fantasy, but it doesn’t get you a single euro.But getting rich is not impossible . With these tips it can work..

Get rich: money rules the world

The vernacular knows that money is not everything, and money alone does not make people happy . And yet everyone wants exactly that. Money, money and even more money . Almost everyone secretly or openly dreams of getting rich. This manifests itself in very different ways. Some people work until they drop, work overtime and extra shifts and are happy about any additional earnings.

Others rely on luck, play the lottery every week and wait to be kissed by Fortuna . As you know, the chances of the big jackpot are around 1 in 140 million, the majority of the lottery players tend to accumulate a minus in the balance sheet and only a handful of winners get really rich.

The mere idea of ​​how much some people earn is astonished and incredulous. Soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo earns around 45 million euros annually just for sport, not including his other sources of income, which again make up around 30 million euros.

Amazon founders Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates, founders of Microsoft, are at the top. In the current Forbes list, Bezos ranks with an insane fortune of an estimated 131 billion, making Gates’ 96.5 billion almost cut off – which neither of the two should really care about.

Totally unimaginable sums for normal earners. In Germany, the average monthly gross income according to the Federal Statistical Office was around 3,771 euros, which corresponds to a gross annual salary of 45,252 euros. If you round it up a little, it would take a mere 1,000 years to get an annual salary from Cristiano Ronaldo.

For many, getting rich means a better life

Hardly anyone is under the illusion of becoming so rich. What should you do with all that money if it is so much that a life is no longer enough to spend it? But it doesn’t have to be tens of millions or even billions. Wealth – also in financial terms – can mean something different for everyone.

However, getting rich also has some things in common, so everyone expects something from having a lot of money. There are some classics that almost always apply:

No more financial worries.

Financial security is the number one reason for wanting to get rich. No longer have to turn over every euro twice, don’t worry about the end of the month and don’t have to keep an eye on the price tag when shopping.

Being able to realize wishes and dreams.

The long-awaited dream trip around the world, a new car, a house for the family or the many other things for which the money has never been enough. Becoming rich means finally being able to afford everything that could previously only be dreamed of.

Improve status, reputation and recognition.

This connection doesn’t always work, but getting rich is often equated with better social status and greater recognition.

In short : becoming rich promises a better life, which is why it is only understandable that so many people strive for it.

Tips: This is how it works with getting rich

The hard truth: there is no silver bullet that will make you rich. If it were that simple, it would be known everywhere and everyone would have made a small (or large) fortune. Nevertheless, many offers play with the desire for more money and promise exactly that: get rich, preferably without work, the money comes all by itself, without you even having to twist a finger.

If you see such offers, you should stay away from them . In the end, only one person gets rich – the provider who takes advantage of other people’s hope or despair and only fills their own pockets.

It will be difficult in any case, but it is not completely impossible and so your dream of becoming rich does not necessarily have to remain one. And if you don’t want to make millions right away, but rather tackle the Reich project a little more realistically and frugally, chances are that you can earn and save enough money to fill your account and make wishes come true.

Get rich with these tips:

  • Think long term

You won’t get rich overnight unless you are actually one of the millions to win the lottery. Otherwise, get rich mainly through one property: patience. No matter which way you make more money, they all take time, usually several years, and your wealth will not usually jump, but rather develop slowly.

  • Reduce your costs

The first thought to get rich is: Make more money. However, it promises just as much success if you reduce your costs and save money every month . Cheaper shopping, saving electricity, maybe even moving into a cheaper apartment, leaving the car more often and taking the bike or walking instead . Even comparatively small savings quickly amount to many thousands of euros in the long term, which you have more at your disposal.

  • Don’t leave your finances to chance

If you want to get rich, you have to deal intensively with your financial situation . This is not a pleasant and not always an exciting task, but it is absolutely necessary. How much do you earn? What are your running costs? What is left at the end of the month? What do you spend the most money on? Are there any loans or other expenses that will decrease over time? A detailed household book can be the best solution and a real silver bullet.

Only with a complete overview of your finances can you work to get rich. The following applies: start as early as possible . As already mentioned, getting rich takes many years. So don’t put your finances on the back burner, start working on it as early as possible.

Anyone who only started to deal with the subject at the age of 40 has already wasted many years that could have been used much more sensibly.

  • Invest your money

You don’t get rich by just putting money on the high edge. It is better if you let it work for you – because what Jeff Bezos can do, you can do on a much smaller scale. Shares are a particularly popular investment that, if properly managed , can pay off in the long term. The rule is: Never put everything on one card, but look for a wide-ranging, secure share package.

In addition to stocks, you should also invest in other forms of investment. Real estate is popular and also a suitable means of getting rich . However, these usually require a higher start-up capital in order to be able to invest at all.

When in doubt, advice from experts is always recommended when it comes to investments . They can help you develop the right investment strategy, stand by your side with questions and help with uncertainties.

  • Invest in yourself

You will become rich through your personal achievements, successes and abilities. If you are good at what you do, you will get more money for it; if you develop your skills, you will become a valuable employee and can become a sought-after expert in your field. The more you invest in yourself, the more likely you are to get rich.

It’s not just about financial investments, it’s also about time. Take the time for further training . Use your free time to deal with important topics and deepen your knowledge. You are your greatest asset – learn to use it to get rich.

Build up several pillars

A safe job with good income is important and the first step if you want to get rich. It is even better if you create additional income and manage to get money from different sources . This can be a second job that you accept or self-employment that you pursue alongside your job.

This is certainly not easy and involves a lot of stress and effort , but if you want to get rich, this extra effort is required. To have more than everyone else, you have to be willing to do more than everyone else.Don’t be satisfied

Gratitude is important, but you will only get rich if you are not satisfied with what you have already achieved. You can accept your salary, accept that this will hardly grow for the next 10 or 20 years – or you can keep your ambition, even if you already earn well and want to go even higher.

Do what is necessary

It sounds vague at first, but it is a serious tip for getting rich. Of course, this does not mean that you should rob a bank or look for a rich partner, but that you recognize what is necessary on your way to get rich. This can mean, for example, that you have to relocate in order to use your talents where they are really in demand.

It is also conceivable that you have to change your employer again and again in order to climb the career ladder and achieve a raise with every change. This may not always be easy , but it may be necessary.

Enter 120 percent at work

Aside from winning the lottery or becoming a superstar, the best way to get rich isn’t a real secret: work hard , do your best in the job, and don’t let it get you down. The other tips are additional ways to save money or increase your earnings, but you lay the foundation through your work.

In order to get rich through the job , it also depends on the industry . Even the highest salaries in some areas just approach entry-level salaries in other industries. This also shows that long-term planning is essential. If you want to get rich, the time at school, the degree program or the training and especially the choice of profession is decisive.

Hard work may not be the bright and glorious path that many who want to get rich imagine, but it is still the one with the greatest likelihood that you, above all, can influence yourself. Unless you want to continue betting on the 1 in 140 million chance of winning the lottery instead of trying to keep doing well and being motivated.

At what age do most people get rich?

Unfortunately, many people pursue the dream of becoming rich unsuccessfully for a lifetime. But if you can make it and become a millionaire, you should still have a little patience . An American study shows that very few get rich at a young age, most of them only make it (if at all) to the end of their working life.

So the study results are compact:

  • The average millionaire reached this status at the age of 58.5 years .
  • The average US millionaire does this at age 59.3 .
  • On average, both men and women did it by investing 20 percent of their income , almost 80 percent in shares.

In addition to the very old age, there is another aspect that deserves special mention: Rich people become it primarily through courageous and consistent renunciation of consumption. Saving a fifth of your income is not a cardboard style.

As a rule, it is not the one-time million dollar deal that will make you rich – it is years of consistent work and sacrifice .

Get rich: You should surround yourself with these people

It may be your personal goal to get rich, but the path becomes all the more stony if you want to go completely alone. It promises more success if you surround yourself with the right people who stand by your side, offer help and orientation, or even reprimand you. These are particularly desirable:


True friends that you can rely on at any time and whom you trust blindly. These fulfill several important functions: Firstly, they help you stay on the ground and recognize that money is not everything. At the same time, they offer a good balance to stressful and strenuous everyday life. Last but not least, it is the people that you can really trust when it really gets rich – because then at the latest a lot of apparent friends suddenly appear.


Giving up is the easiest way, but it also guarantees that wealth will not work. To persevere, you need motivators that drive you, give you courage, and help you stay on the ball. This can be companions who share your goal or friends and family members who support you again and again.


In many situations, it is extremely helpful if someone gives good advice. A mentor can be just that person on your way to a large fortune. He is a counselor, coach and critic in a personal union and is available to provide advice and assistance with any questions or problems.

role models


Finally, you should look for role models, people who have already made it, and who you want to emulate. You shouldn’t copy, steal ideas, or try to follow in your footsteps. Rather, you should learn from your role models, benefit from their experience, avoid mistakes that they made, and be inspired.


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